boo hoo EP

by fern ghouly

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the first EP from fern ghouly, with loads of cool summer jams made for hanging out, masking your sadness, & bbq fireworks etc etc

EDIT: a bunch of these songs were redone in 2017 with my band, SOFT GIRL! check them out here:


released June 4, 2016

written, performed, recorded, produced - fern ghouly
drums, tracks 3 & 8 - dane



all rights reserved


fern ghouly Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

some kind of animal/some kind of monster

Book shows: moonrockmatt [at] gmail [dot] com

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Track Name: i'll steal u food
You got struck by a minivan while chasing cars -- like dogs
I fell in love 'cause you're a little bit dif'rent
I'll take care of the both of us for a while -- how long?
I can prep for our eventual winter

I'll steal food for you
There's nothing I wouldn't do
Protect your warm fuzzy face
I'll keep you sheltered and safe
Keep your hurt body warm
I'll help you weather this storm
I'll steal u food

I'll sell my share of the shiny stuff that we found -- our hoard
To keep the lease on this brilliant pine tree
It's not oak but we made it a home somehow -- what for?
It's in vain if you're not here beside me


I hope the neighbors never burn our treehouse down
Hope you get better or we're both just dying
Track Name: soap opera
There's a box I've never seen before
What did I think I'd ever need to store?
I only move if I am moving forward
There's a tape that's dusty & unplayed
Labeled "dorm soap op'ra '98"
Now I remember all we would create

It's you & me up on the screen
Acting out the things we saw on TV
You slept w/ her, she slept w/ me
Fast forward through the bad memories
And then we kissed, oh so casually
But it's just a's just a scene

...You come & watch w/ me
Skip through anything that's not your scene
...You haven't changed a bit, I see

...Have I changed?
It's like I slipped through time
I was long over you
Now I can't get you out of my mind


I forgot to let you know
For me it never was a show
Track Name: boo hoo
It was an ordinary summery day
& I just wanted to get out & play
or maybe take my bike & run away

I was your av'rage ordinary kid
Maybe a bit too sheltered, or introverted
So stupid I thought I could hop a train

Don't try to tell me what to say or do!
I'll do the opposite, or make a plan to
They'll find my body -- you'll cry "boo hoo!"

It was a stupid, stupid, stupid plan
I was that kid who'd get inside a van
Weird fucked up fantasies ran through my head
Could've ended up stranded or ended up dead
Track Name: dream
We kissed under Or'gon stars
Inside of a rented car
But now it feels like a dream
'Cause now it's only a dream

We'd slink from the concert crowd
To a place where it's not too loud
I kissed you, you fell for me
But now it's just a dream

I slipped out of time, slipped through the sheets
Why does ev'ry little theme repeat?
I can find the time to stop and breathe
...Try to break way from broken dreams

We kissed under Or'gon stars
Ran outta gas before we got too far
Please don't wake me
From this really good dream
Track Name: queen!
Hungry for dinner
I feel like a sinner
Brew some more coffee
This craving will off me
When I wake up I'll feel full
I'm the queen of self control
Track Name: little note
There's a little note upon my PC screen & it says
When you can please get back to me
Hard to swallow the reminders & the things that she says
But I know it's not bad for me

There's a little window on my FB feed & it says
Is there anything that you need?
The way I see it stuff like this is just a personal test
For me to be what I have to be

Is there some way to tell you I'm fine?
'Cause you see right through my lies...

There's a little notice on my android screen & it says
You overdrafted & there's a fee
I can take it (3x) I guess
Even if it's for vanity
Track Name: the mirror
You can halt my flow of money, you can make your dumb demands
You can find my fucking & get me perma-pizza-banned
You can call me what you want, but you just don't understand
When I look into the mirror I do not see a man

You can pester on my pics 'til that shit gets out of hand
I don't need you in my life & I don't bow to your commands
'Cause I'm happy with myself & I'm happy with my plans
When I look into the mirror I do not see a man
Track Name: the one who would have stayed
You've got me feeling like I'm not so sure
if I am suffering in vain
I hold you close like I'm a comforter
But am I heightening your pain?
You've got a one track mind
& I can't even try
To write the reasons I've been chained

I'll take your memories away
Dig a tunnel, then a grave
Can't believe we ever played (2x)
I'll quit to live another day
Done with fervor and with faith
I'm the one who would have stayed (2x)

Assigning meaning to a dream I've had
With awkward glances to-and-fro
As I see you again, it's not so bad
It's diff'rent from so long ago
And you came to my side
To comfort as I cried
For the loss of ev'rything that I now know

It's like I'm once again your confidant
B/c you don't know that I haunt